Our team

In the shade or the light, all participate in the take-off of Native Immersion


Aurélie Debusschère

France - Geneva international

Aurélie is a consultant specializing in Aboriginal tourism and a humanist photographer. She represents the World Alliance of Indigenous Tourism (WINTA) within the United Nations mechanisms in Geneva. For the past 12 years, she has carried out research with communities in order to use travel as a lever for defending the rights of indigenous peoples and their ancestral territories.

Adviser on international projects

Jean-Philippe Le Moigne


JJean-Philippe is a consultant specializing in ecotourism in Chile. For 15 years, he has worked with indigenous communities to measure the environmental and social impact of tourism. He is also involved in ecotourism projects in China. Jean-Philippe advises people who wish to use community tourism as a solution for a local and sustainable micro-economy. He is the Latin America agent for WINTA.

Hélène Bettembourg
Media Manager

Hélène Bettembourg


Passionate about traditional cultures for a long time, Hélène specialized in audiovisual. She worked for cultural rapprochement and the preservation of memory and heritage through this medium, in Morocco, Brazil and France. In her spare time, she takes care of the cultural and educational influence of Native Immersion.


Adrien Soreil


Adrien is the director of the Native Immersion web series. Former forest ranger, lover of nature and life in the broad sense, he undertakes to enhance the essence of human lives through authentic film.

Qhapaj Conde
Jural advisor

Qhapaj Conde

Quechua from Bolivia

Qhapaj is a Quechua indigenous lawyer, specialized in intellectual property law. He is the guarantor of the respect of the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples on the intellectual property aspect, in all the projects undertaken by Native Immersion.

Marjolaine McKenzie
Aboriginal Projects Coordinator Canada

Marjolaine McKenzie

Innue-Wendat from Quebec, Canada

Organizer and community worker, Marjolaine works to improve the social and physical environment, supports the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits, better self-esteem and a positive identity in Quebec’s Aboriginal communities. Traveler experienced in expeditions in ancestral territory, Marjolaine is our precious coordinator of expeditions and trips from native Quebec.


Adeline Le Saint


Born in Brittany, Adeline is the oldest member of the Maison. Supporting the life of Native Immersion from its beginnings as a true shadow technician, Adeline is the guardian of its history and its technical mysteries!

Native Immersion

Voyages humanistes à la rencontre des gardiens de la Terre

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