Digital Travel

The trip at your fingertips

Come and meet the “Guardians of the Living”

without leaving your home!

To consider offering a future to future generations, we believe it is our duty to make a commitment to the protectors of our planet.
In order to support our brothers and sisters here and elsewhere in their battles, encourage exchanges and collective organization towards more resilience, we offer these virtual meeting experiences accessible to all. In a small committee or large meeting from your computer or smartphone, connect to our cultural experiences led by indigenous peoples and cultural communities of the World.



the tailor-made meeting

As we once wrote to his friend from the other side of the world, in order to build lasting relationships and learn more about his cultural reality, the experience Correspondence offers to live in-depth contact with a representative of an Aboriginal community through several virtual meetings. Adapted to your wishes, as well designed for One-to-One as for school groups, the experience requires a stable internet connection, a computer or a smartphone to live privileged exchanges.

Digital immersion is accessible with the following peoples (and many more to come):

  • Aboriginal (Australia)
  • Ashaninkas (Amazon)
  • Atikamekw (Quebec)
  • Maori (New Zealand)
  • Maasaï (Tanzania)
  • Maya (Guatemala)
  • Nipmuc (United States)
  • Sàmi (Lapland)
  • Tahitian (Polynesia)

During our experiences, you will have the choice between:

  • Receive traditional teachings
  • Learn songs & dances
  • Immerse yourself in tales & legends
  • To move you with true stories
  • Practice a language in danger of extinction
  • Navigate in the heart of an ancestral territory
  • Share a musical or craft experience
  • And more!

The experiences are given in traditional local languages ​​but also in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian. Interpreters will be available to translate into French or English.

In remote areas without internet connection, the experiences will be prepared in advance with the communities (we will forward your special requests and questions to them).

Native Immersion acts as a mediator in these experiences. A minimum of 50% of the amount is directly paid to the community of the worker, to support local projects.

Several times a year, we give you news of the concrete and positive impacts that virtual travel has generated in Aboriginal communities. Thanks to your contribution, local societies can continue to protect ancestral territories while safeguarding their culture with dignity.
Sufficient means create new economic paradigms, such as the sustainable jobs of Living Protectors. Stories to discover on our newspaper or our video channel!

Native Immersion

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