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« Meet the Guardians of the Earth »

Our immersions

Our experiences and meetings are field missions aimed at supporting indigenous peoples and local communities to maintain and restore resilient livelihoods in ancestral territory.

Established over several weeks, accompanied by local specialists, our trips have a solidarity and civic dimension. Oriented towards the restoration of ecosystems, they try to respond to the challenges of local realities, impacted by climate change or globalization.

Whether for a documentary shoot, a cultural exchange, a project of local initiative or an inter-tribal meeting, our immersions are thought in the form of experiences committed to the defense of human rights.

We encourage meetings and interactions with local communities that protect the living, as close as possible to the inhabitants and according to their wishes.

Our travelers

Attentive to the intentions and profile of travelers wishing to participate in our missions, we conduct mandatory training before departure (discover the Conscious Traveler Kit) and guide them towards experiences and missions according to their prior knowledge of indigenous realities: initiation (level 1), intermediate (level 2), confirmed (level 3).

Good to know

We do not provide advisory services or make direct contact with communities (addresses, contacts), whether for the benefit of the independent traveler or a travel agency. Our expertise is focused on training and applying our “Conscious Traveler Kit” for optimal preparation, experience and return management.

In view of the current situation linked to Covid-19, all our trips are suspended until the international health directives are precisely defined. We are particularly careful not to expose the communities most at risk under any circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

Native Immersion

Voyages humanistes à la rencontre des gardiens de la Terre

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