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Jean Mistler said: “Tourism is the industry which consists of transporting people who would be better at home, in places that would be better without them”.

Faced with the need to deconstruct our representations and the urgency of decolonizing our relationship with the world, we offer training for:

  • Travelers
  • Tourism professionals
  • Institutions
  • Universities

to explore mechanisms adapted to a changing world, to better understand, live and practice travel in the era of climate change and more resilient lifestyles.

Our training is available in the form of conferences and workshops, in real or online (webinars).

We are trainers authorized by the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance according to its “Indigenous Tourism Engagement Framework” Methodology.


Wokshops & Conferences

In real or online
In French or in English
1 to 2 hours (conference)
4 to 16 hours (workshop)


  • Aboriginal and community tourism professionals
  • Specialists in the rights of indigenous peoples & cultures
  • Members of indigenous communities

Although we give priority to online sessions, we also make ourselves available for in-person entertainment.
Travel, accommodation and catering costs are to be added to the prices (see below).


(non-exhaustive list)

  • The trip to indigenous territories: advocacy for a trip to the human model
  • The rights of indigenous peoples: best solution to protect the living?
  • Indigenous cultures: why their preservation is necessary for humanity
  • Indigenous peoples and climate change: what links, what solutions?
  • Spiritual tourism and ancestral therapies: impacts of tourism and the therapeutic industry
  • From the era of leisure to that of commitment: what role does the traveler still have to play?
  • Traveler and tour operator ethics: what should we give up?
  • Wisdoms from here and elsewhere: indigenous peoples around the globe
  • First Peoples: Are They Guardians of the Earth?
  • Decolonize our marketing practices in the tourism sector
  • After COVID-19: redefining the principle of travel according to the Aboriginal vision

+ The “In Territory” Series:

A series of 8 field interviews | Our native speakers share their visions on the journey that supports the Guardians of the Earth and respect for the rights of the Living.

The rates

The prices of our sessions (displayed including tax) vary according to the size of the audience (number of participants) and the structure (number of employees) with which we work. They are established by the hour and with a maximum of 2 speakers per session.

On estimate | Optional:
– Animated session with multiple specialist speakers (3 +)
– Our interpreters provide simultaneous translation into French or English from: the native languages, Spanish, Portuguese or even Russian.


< 20 people : 100 €
20-50 p. : 150 €
> 50  p. : 200 €

Native Immersion

Voyages humanistes à la rencontre des gardiens de la Terre

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