Who are we

Native Immersion is a committed medium offering a space for dialogue between indigenous communities and travelers. Its primary mission is to adequately prepare and support travelers throughout the experience of living in ancestral territory. Also on the initiative of local missions, Native Immersion designs experiences aiming to concretely support the “Protectors of the Living” peoples, in order to ensure their subsistence in distant territories and to encourage resilient lifestyles, such as participation in planetary balance.


80% of the world's biodiversity is currently found in indigenous territories. Through its official agreement with the World Alliance of Indigenous Tourism (WINTA), Native Immersion works to defend the rights of indigenous peoples according to their visions and principles. In a natural world threatened by serious imbalances, the exchanges organized with the communities in the form of trips or online meetings are our united contribution to their sovereignty: an urgent condition, directly linked to the protection of the living.

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