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For committed travelers, the Native Immersion Travel House specializes in the design of human experiences among the indigenous peoples, ethnic groups and cultural communities of the world.

Composed of solidarity exchanges, our trips are available in the form of immersions lasting several weeks, with one or more partner communities. Their vocation: to support resilient local initiatives, working to restore and maintain the natural balance. Novice or expert in the knowledge of indigenous cultures, alone, with family or in a small group, we design meeting experiences that are adapted to you, in line with the local reception capacities.

Designed based on the needs of the communities, our trips are all field missions imbued with cultural exchanges: documentary filming, research projects, data collection jointly organized with our native hosts (management of ancestral land, impacts of tourism, preservation cultural)… Immersions that participate in paradigm shifts. By leaving with us, you participate in designing experiences with mutual benefits between the indigenous populations and visitors, fully mastered by the communities.

Native Immersion reserves a part of its revenues to the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance (WINTA).
By traveling with us and our partners, you directly support teams of volunteer experts who defend the rights of indigenous peoples in the tourism sector. Learn more about WINTA:www.winta.org

Our definition of travel

At Native Immersion, we think and live the journey like the fable of the Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho. A powerful transformative tool, travel is a source of learning in contact with the Other, but above all an opportunity to express our humanity.

True vector of awakening, it invites us to put into perspective our relationship with our own roots, our own territory. “Leaving to grow up and get home better” is our conviction.

Travel is also a messenger of peace. Our travel philosophy is at the heart of the principle of humanity, with the intention of weaving humble, united and lasting alliances between peoples. It truly contributes to the protection of the sacred, the living heritage and our commons.

Our values

Native Immersion conceives of the “indigenous journey” as a reasoned act, a real commitment and not as the perpetration of an outdated colonialist behavior.

We carry the values ​​of “prior, free and informed consent” of the people we meet. It is according to this philosophy that we offer “meaningful trips”, with the deepest respect for local populations and above all at their request.

Our immersions require a moral commitment from the traveler and careful preparation for the experience, during which we accompany you. We conduct interviews and guide our travelers to suitable experiences, to ensure their ability to contribute to the protection of the intellectual and spiritual property of the nations encountered.

Always listening to the communities, we follow their recommendations and we reserve the right not to offer certain experiences from one season to another. We remain vigilant in discouraging any initiative with uncontacted tribes, fragile from the link with modernity or who have not expressly wished to bet on ecotourism projects. We are not on the initiative of “spiritual” journeys for the purpose of consuming medicinal and sacred plants, associated with “personal development” or neo-shamanism. In our view, these practices weaken the transmission of Aboriginal ancestral medicine and we oppose it.

Our vision

According to the United Nations, the first peoples, indigenous or even indigenous, represent 370 million people in the world, belonging to 5000 ethnic groups spread over 90 countries and speaking nearly 4000 languages. 70% of them live in Asia. It is estimated that indigenous territories are home to 80% of terrestrial biodiversity and that these peoples are the custodians of 11% of the world’s forests.

UNESCO warns that two indigenous languages ​​are dying out every month. By supporting their revitalization, we participate in the safeguarding of a sharp understanding of the territories, necessary for the maintenance of human diversity and ecosystems.

Like the World Alliance of Indigenous Tourism (WINTA), we believe that conscious tourism is a powerful support for the self-determination of indigenous peoples, intrinsically linked to the protection of Mother Earth and the preservation of planetary living heritage. Through each trip, we work to defend the rights of indigenous peoples, whose recognition is essential in order to maintain the good health of the vital organs of our planet.

Become a committed traveler

For those who are not forced to leave their land, traveling is a privilege.
For those who are not forced to leave their land, traveling is a privilege.
Aware of our immense chance of being able to travel the world and contribute to making it better, we expect our travelers to engage with us in a reasoned, selfless and ethical travel practice.

Indigenous peoples do not need our fantasy or our need for exoticism: it is our responsibility to deconstruct our stereotypical visions, to build a balanced cooperation between civilizations.

Native Immersion

Voyages humanistes à la rencontre des gardiens de la Terre

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