Tsaatan | The Reindeer and Taiga people

Mongolia, the infinite territory

Welcome to the kingdom of Gengis Khan ! The natural world has shaped a millenary nomad life in its pristine spaces. Your journey in Central asian steppes will guide you meet one of the most emblematic rider people of Mongolia : the Tsaatans.
Your hosts will initiate you to life under yurt, at the heart of an ancestral and wild land.

Our host community

Erdene, the clan’s chief, is a former reindeer herder, settled in the village of Tsagaannuur. Translator and cultural mediator, he will welcome us in his small community, reaching about thirty people. Still using tepee housing and living of traditional reindeer herding (including seanonal transhumance), members of the community are all close relatives. Our presence and financial participation will support their breeding activities in priority, above all on health issues (livestock decontamination, consanguinity due to geographical isolation) but also local crafting with natural materials (dry wood, bones, rocks or leather) they create for visitors.

Travel at your own pace

You long for authentic human encounter and have a passion for exploring other cultures. You are sensitive to indigenous people’s struggles and rights, you are conscious of their vital role to maintain natural ecosystems. You are ready to live in temporary rustic conditions to “put the mocassins” of another culture, such as an anthropologist. You are enthusiastic about reciprocal interactions : eager to learn but also to contribute to the daily challenges.

Taïga of Khuvsgul (or Khövsgöl)

Not far from Baïkal lake in the South part of Siberia, this pristine land offers an incredible nomadic lifestyle with reindeer herders, welcoming us for several weeks.


2023 | November 1st to 19th

Traveler profile and travel conditions

* (beginner) à **** (experienced)
Level of hiking activities *
Travel conditions (accomodation, comfort) *** (camping in low temperatures, collective life 24h/day)
Intensity of cultural experience **** (Adapted to experienced travelers with homestays, cultural exchanges, rustic living conditions in ancestral territories)

Number of travelers

group of 4 travelers maximum (+ 1 French/English speaking guide)

Length of the experience in Mongolia

19 days/18 nights, transportation with four-wheel drive to and from the Tsaatan host community.

Type of services

Immersive experience in a Tsaatan community with mongolian and tsaatan staff (interpreters) : guide (French and basic English speaking), tsaatan drivers. Private transportation with four-wheel drive. On site, nights happen in tents (2-3 seats), tepee and yurt (our hosting families), plus 2 nights in a hotel** at Ulaanbaatar (first and last nights).


Arrival to Ulaanbaatar and welcoming by your guide at the airport. Bus transfert to the hotel.


After breakfast, we take the road for two days towards ou hosting tsaatan community.
Two days drive crossing Dashinchilen and Rashaant regions in Bulgan aïmag territory, one of the 21 mongolian provinces. Some scarce but beautiful nomadic encounters and observation of yak herds. Arrival to Murun, capital of the Khuvsgul region. The town is based in the lake basin carrying the same name. Nights in tents.


Arrival to our hosting community to live the full immersive experience with our Tsaatan hosts. Nights in tents, tepee or yurt (by our host) close to the sheep, horses and reindeer herds in the beautiful Tsagaannuur region, a tsaatan-mongolian village with an incredible view on sacred mountains of Khoridol Saridag (2800 m high). Live the cultural immersion at its fullest!
The 11 day cultural activities will happen around the Tsaatan daily life (animal care, cooking, crafting), discussions, wandering throughout their vast ancestral land, practice of their language and weaving of lasting relationship!


We leave our Tsaatan families after an evening of celebration.
Driving back during 2/3 days with nights in tents. Arrival to Ulaanbaatar by the end of the afternoon. Last group dinner and night at the hotel.


Early in the morning or during the night depending on your return flight and country of destination, your guide will bring you to the bus transfer to Ulaanbaatar airport. Breakfast will be prepared and brought for you at the reception before departure.
NB : our team keeps the right to modify the program in case of security or emergency reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Our bivouac equipment provided
  • tents
  • large tent for group meals
  • inflatable mattresses
  • woolen blankets
  • dishes, utensils, camping gas stove
  • camping table and stools
  • portable shower with shelter
Recommended travel guides
  • Mongolia – land of shadows and lights, guides Olizane, Gaëlle Lacaze and Catherine Borel, 2009
  • Lonely Planet Mongolia, Michael Kohn, 2008
Your individual equipment to take away (for information only)
  • your passport with visa, your plane tickets, your insurance and their copies
  • money in cash for your own expenses, i.e. around 100 euros per person
  • pocket to wear around the neck or the belt for your documents
  • personal pharmacy: essential
  • large flexible 60 liter backpack to put in the hold with 20 kg of luggage
  • 25 liter small hiking backpack with cover and waist strap
  • sarcophagus-shaped sleeping bag – 15 ° C minimum for great comfort and its sheet
  • 2 gourds of one liter each and Micropur® type tablets to treat drinking water
  • hat and sunglasses with lanyard and case
  • Total screen sunscreen, citronella mosquito repellent and blister treatment
  • antiseptic solution for rinsing hands
  • t-shirts, long-sleeved shirt, underwear and socks
  • pants, hiking shorts and cape, rain pants
  • fleece sweater, down jacket, Gore-Tex® type jacket, fleece hat or balaclava and gloves
  • light shoes or sandals for bivouac and ford crossings
  • headlamp or torch if possible of dynamo model without battery
  • Tupperware® type plastic box for shower and laundry in bivouac
  • swimsuit, kit, glove, and towel
  • biodegradable toilet paper, wipes and soap
  • binoculars, camera, film, memory cards, recharger and batteries
  • cereal or dried fruit bars, newspapers, books, games, sewing kit
  • freezer bags with zip closure (ideal: special airplane 18 cm x 20 cm)
  • kits: earplugs®, anti-snoring, lip pomade, etc

Price on site per traveler (without international flights):

You can check your currency any time on XE
3890 € (4 travelers)

Prices include:
– Services mentioned in the program: transport with private vehicle, accommodation, meals, access rights to protected areas
– Assistance of the Mongolian team: French speaking guide (and basic English), drivers
– Use of camping equipment: tents, mattresses, dishes

Prices do not include:
– Visa fees (request by yourself to the Mongolian Consulate)
– Repatriation assistance and insurance (we highly advise https://www.chapkadirect.fr/ or equivalent in your country)
– International flights and international airport taxes
– Your personal hiking and bivouac equipment (see: Your individual equipment)
– Possible costs due to delays or cancellations of flights
– Possible costs due to the loss of checked baggage
– Fee for excess baggage (20kg max / traveler for international flight)
– The 3 meals in town in Ulaanbaatar for Day 1 and Day 19 (count from € 8 to € 10 per meal / person)
– Drinks and personal expenses (extra fees for single room at the hotel: € 50 / person)
– Any nights in a heated yurt at the inhabitant’s home due to bad weather (cold and / or snow)
– Tips (optional, count 3 € per day / traveler to share with the Mongolian team)
– Any service not specified in “These prices include”.

International flights

International flights are not included in the price.
International flights are not included in the price due to several traveler origins.
We concentrate the booking procedure by our partner agency l’Odyssée du Papillon, which can take in charge your booking in order to get organized with your group departure. The earlier the better to get affordable flights for Mongolia. You can also book by yourself, only one condition : be on time for the departure to Tsaatan land from Ulaanbataar!


For further information and details on booking, please contact us here : our contact form. The booking procedure will be held by our French (but English speaking) travel partner L’Odyssée du Papillon.

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