Nomadic expedition in the land of the Tsaatans

Tsaatans, Khalkha & Darkhad

Mongolia, land of infinity

Welcome to the kingdom of Genghis Khan! Nature reigns in the rough and at the mercy of the millennial nomadic life! Your journey through the steppes of Central Asia will lead you to meet the rider peoples who will share with you their life in yurts in the heart of unspoiled flora and fauna.

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You have a taste for discovering the great outdoors. You are curious to learn new cultures and you like nature, “mastered” adventure hikes. You favor quality and authentic travel with an experienced guide from the country.

Taigas of Khuvsgul (or Taigas of Khövsgöl)

Not far from Lake Baikal located in the south of Siberia, this region with a shamanistic spirit guarantees you a life-size trapper atmosphere in the company of reindeer herders – Tsaatans: Lake Khuvsgul with its largest freshwater reserve in Mongolia (2,760 m2), larch forests, rivers and many endemic species of fish including the Hucho Taïmen salmonid (Tul in Mongolian).

Voyage Mongolie
Number of travelers

Group of 10 people (including 2 accompanying adults)

Length of stay in Mongolia

19 days / 18 nights in total including 7 days on horseback (stages on horseback with optional pace and duration, assisted by 4 × 4) and in 4 × 4 for the rest of the route.

Type of services

19-day traveling tour, accompanied by the Mongolian team:
French-speaking guide, rider guide, drivers and cook. Full board stages with private transport in a 4 × 4 van without pack horses. Nights in a tent in a bivouac, 2 nights in a twin room at the standard hotel ** in Ulaanbaatar and 2 nights in a yurt, including 1 in the tourist camp (4 beds / yurt) and 1 with the nomadic family.

Day 1: ULAANBAATAR – Standard Hotel **

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and welcome by your French speaking guide at the airport. Bus transfer and facilities to the hotel. After breakfast, the program of your choice for the visit of the city. Our tours suggestions: Mongolian History Museum, Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum and Gandan Buddhist Monastery. Free meals in town and overnight at the hotel.


Two-day van ride, visiting the Sums regions of Dashinchilen and Rashaant in Bulgan Aïmag – one of the 21 Mongolian provinces. Some beautiful nomadic encounters and observation of herds of yaks. Arrival in Murun, capital of the Khuvsgul region. The city is located in the basin of the lake which bears the same name as the province. Bivouacs under our tents.


Travel by van (about 2 hours) and arrival at the edge of Khuvsgul lake via the village of Khatgal. Night in yurts / chalets in a tourist camp.


Visit around the lake to admire its remarkable natural sites. Night in the tent at the bivouac.


Immersion in the region of Tsagaannuur sum – Mongolian village and breathtaking view of the sacred mountains of Khoridol Saridag (2800 m altitude on average). Visits to nomadic herding families mostly belonging to the Khalkha and Darkhad ethnic groups. Bivouacs under the tent according to the courses, the meetings, the magnificent landscapes (valleys bordered by limpid rivers, forests of larches) and of our desires. Passage near Renchinlkhumbe sum. The last day will be dedicated to regaining Tsagaannuur sum. Camp in the yurt with the locals (important: modest convenience and subject to availability), with herds of sheep and horses.


Meeting on horseback with the Tsaatans (reindeer herders) and nights at the bivouac in the Tsagaannuur region. The cultural immersion will be there for you. End of our horseback ride with a change of scenery guaranteed in this region of wild beauty.


Return route by 4×4 to Murun via Ulaan Uul sum. Bivouac after passing through Murun.


Arrival at the sum of Tarialan, visit and horse in the nomadic herders. The cultural immersion will be there for you. Nights at the bivouac near the yurts.


Road to Ulaanbaatar and arrival at the end of the afternoon. Shops, tours and shows if time permits. Dinner on your own in town and overnight at the hotel.


Early in the morning, accompanied by your guide, transfer by bus to Ulaanbaatar Airport and flight to Europe.


Note: our team reserves the right to modify the itinerary or the program in the event of force majeure or imperatives (safety, bad weather, poor road conditions, modification of schedules for air transport and visits, etc.). The day-to-day circuit stages can be done in reverse order than planned if necessary. We will do our best to better guarantee the smooth running of your stay. Have a nice trip !

Our bivouac equipment for you
  • tents
  • large mess tent for group meals
  • inflatable mattresses
  • woolen blankets
  • dishes, utensils, camping gas stove
  • camping table and stools
  • portable shower with shelter
Recommended travel guides
  • Mongolia – land of shadows and lights, guides Olizane, Gaëlle Lacaze and Catherine Borel, 2009
  • Lonely Planet Mongolia, Michael Kohn, 2008
Your individual equipment to take away (for information only)
  • your passport with visa, your plane tickets, your insurance and their copies
  • money in cash for your own expenses, i.e. around 100 euros per person
  • pocket to wear around the neck or the belt for your documents
  • personal pharmacy: essential
  • large flexible 60 liter backpack to put in the hold with 20 kg of luggage
  • 25 liter small hiking backpack with cover and waist strap
  • sarcophagus-shaped sleeping bag – 15 ° C minimum for great comfort and its sheet
  • 2 gourds of one liter each and Micropur® type tablets to treat drinking water
  • hat and sunglasses with lanyard and case
  • Total screen sunscreen, citronella mosquito repellent and blister treatment
  • antiseptic solution for rinsing hands
  • t-shirts, long-sleeved shirt, underwear and socks
  • pants, hiking shorts and cape, rain pants
  • fleece sweater, down jacket, Gore-Tex® type jacket, fleece hat or balaclava and gloves
  • riding boots, gaiters and bomb
  • light shoes or sandals for bivouac and ford crossings
  • headlamp or torch if possible of dynamo model without battery
  • Tupperware® type plastic box for shower and laundry in bivouac
  • swimsuit, kit, glove, and towel
  • biodegradable toilet paper, wipes and soap
  • binoculars, camera, film, memory cards, recharger and batteries
  • cereal or dried fruit bars, newspapers, books, games, sewing kit
  • freezer bags with zip closure (ideal: special airplane 18 cm x 20 cm)
  • kits: earplugs®, anti-snoring, lip pomade, etc

Price on site per client (offered for the 2 French guides for promotional purposes):
2800 euros net excluding international flights
These prices include:
– The services mentioned in the program: transport with private vehicle, accommodation, meals, tickets
to museums, shows and access rights to protected or border sites
– The services of the Mongolian team: French speaking guide, equestrian guide, drivers and cook
– The use of bivouac equipment: tents, mattresses, crockery and camping equipment, saddles and nets
These prices do not include:
– Visa fees (request to be formulated by yourself to the Mongolian Consulate)
– Repatriation assistance and insurance
– International flights and international airport taxes
– Your personal hiking and bivouac equipment (see: Your individual equipment to take away)
– Possible costs due to delays or cancellations of flights
– Possible costs due to the loss of checked baggage by plane
– Fee for excess baggage by plane (20kg max / traveler for international flight, 15kg hold + hand = local flight)
– The 3 meals in town in Ulaanbaatar for Day 1 and Day 15 (count from € 8 to € 10 per meal / person)
– Drinks and personal expenses (supplement if single room at the hotel: € 50 / person)
– Any nights in a heated yurt at the inhabitant’s home due to bad weather (cold and / or snow)
– Tips (optional, count 3 € per day / traveler to share with each member of the Mongolian team)
– Any service not specified in “These prices include”.

International flights

International flights are not included in the price.
For your information, know that 5 airlines serve the Mongolian destination:

Turkish Airlines:
Air China:
Korean Air:

It will be more advantageous for you to book your flights yourself. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the rates that you will find on the Internet are cheaper than what we could offer you. The earlier you book your ticket, the better off you will benefit from an advantageous rate that will easily double from May to September!
On the other hand, it is with pleasure that we will take care of booking and issuing your domestic flight tickets, without any commission.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems with international shipping or if you have any questions.


To book your tour, please confirm your agreement by email first.
Then pay the deposit of 30% of the estimated amount of the final invoice when booking.
You can pay it to us either by bank transfer or by Pay Pal.
When we receive the deposit, we will send you the final confirmation. Full payment must be made no later than 30 days prior to the arrival of the traveler (s) in Mongolia.
For last minute bookings (less than a month before departure), full payment is due.
The agency declines all responsibility for the performance of confirmed services in the event of non-compliance with the terms of payment mentioned above.

Cancellation conditions

Any trip will therefore be considered as confirmed once the deposit is in our possession. The amount of this deposit must correspond to at least 30% of the total price of the trip. The balance must be paid no later than one month before the expected date of arrival in Mongolia.

In the event of cancellation, the following conditions will apply:

  • If the cancellation is made more than 60 days before the date of arrival: the costs of the file and the reservation will be 100 euros per person.
  • Between 60 and 30 days before the date of arrival: the deposit paid will be due.
  • Between 30 and 15 days before the date of arrival: 50% of the trip price will be due.
  • From 14 days before the date of arrival: 100% of the trip price will be due.

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