Our Travel House

Native Immersion’s Travel House specializes in immersive experiences among indigenous peoples, ethnic groups and cultural communities around the world.


Operating as a specialized agency, our Travel House offers private or small-group immersive experiences among indigenous peoples, for travelers who wish to live authentic stories with “Guardians of the Earth”, in a human, conscious and respectful way.


We usually design 2 to 3 week adventures, with one or more indigenous communities, but adapt to our travelers’s projects. Whether you are a novice or expert in the knowledge of indigenous cultures, alone or with your family, we design encounters that are adapted to you, in line with the capacity of the locals.


Our guided journeys are field missions involving documentary short films and data collections with our indigenous hosts. We organize them in order to understand the challenges faced by communities (ancestral land management, impacts of tourism, cultural preservation). Coming with us during these expeditions enables you to participate in the mutual benefits process between the native populations and their visitors, totally controlled by the communities.


Native Immersion donates funds from its sales to the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance (WINTA). 
By traveling with us, you directly support teams of volunteering experts who advocate the rights of indigenous peoples in the tourism sector. Learn more about WINTA :

Our definition of travel

Travel is for us a powerful transformative tool, an opportunity to learn from others and on yourself. We live and think of travel as the Alchemist story, by author Paolo Coelho.


As a true vector of enlightenment, travel invites us to discover the treasures buried within us and to put into perspective our relationship with our own roots. “Travel to grow up and go home with better consciousness” is our conviction.


Travel is also a true messenger for peace. We cherish a philosophy of travel at the heart of the principle of humanity, with the intention of weaving humble, united and lasting alliances between peoples. Practiced with consciousness, it truly contributes to the protection of sacred places, our living heritage and commons for the next generations.

Our Ethics

Native Immersion considers “indigenous tourism” as a true commitment and not as the perpetration of outdated colonialist behavior.


Our demand is respect for the principle of “free and informed consent” of the peoples we meet. 
This is how we propose our “wisdom journeys” in the deepest respect of the local populations, in privileged connection with them, above all at their request or with their agreement.


Our immersions require our traveler’s moral commitment and a meticulous preparation for the experience. We conduct interviews of our travelers to guide them to appropriate experiences matching their “readiness” and ethics, including the protection of intellectual property of hosting nations.


Always in contact with communities, we follow their recommendations about their availability and readiness to host travelers, which might change from one season to another. 
In this matter, we do not propose encounters with uncontacted tribes, unwilling to connect with our modern world or those who haven’t expressly wished a local development through ecotourism. 
We do not initiate “spiritual” trips with purposeful consumption of medicinal and sacred plants.


We are dedicating a percentage of our trips to our own program supporting other community-initiated ecotourism projects that will later be added to our collection of experiences.

Our Vision

According to Cultural Survival, indigenous peoples represent 370 million people worldwide, belonging to 5,000 ethnic groups, spread over 90 countries and speaking about 4,000 languages. 
70% of them live in Asia. It is estimated that indigenous territories are home to 80% of the Earth’s biodiversity and that these peoples are the custodians of 11% of the world’s forests.


Supporting the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance, we believe that conscious tourism is a powerful support for indigenous peoples’ self-determination and governance, protecting Mother Earth and preserving the living heritage for the generations to come. Each journey is an occasion to support the rights of indigenous peoples, whose recognition is essential to maintain our planet’s vital organs./span>


Entrust your dream to us

We understand the “call of the soul” and are committed to building bridges between worlds. 
Call on us to realize your dream means :


  • Raise funds to support emerging indigenous experiences, create sustainable local micro-economies while preserving traditional heritage and enriching the range of adventures to offer in future encounters.


  • Create beautiful storytelling and design your customized travel guide to native territories before departure.


  • Humanize your experience to the fullest, putting you in close contact with your hosts and encouraging lasting friendship.