Our Travel House

Native Immersion is hosting the first Travel House exclusively offering Indigenous immersive experiences worldwide.


Operating like a global Tourism Office including a high end travel design service, Native Immersion’s Travel House offers access to immersive experiences among original people to travelers with conscious ways, willing to fulfill their dream of encounter with Guardians of the Earth. Connected to the most genuine experiences around the world, we design your ethnographic expedition, long term immersive stay, educative camp, adventure in remote and unknown territories, intertribal world tour…as an thrilling and authentic rite of passage.


The encounter with original people is a unique experience. We know how life changing it can be. This is why before and after your trip, we will be by your side to put in perspective the teachings and wisdoms of life this experience is made of.

Tell us about you

To us, a journey embodies a powerful learning tool, a mean of self understanding through the Other. We travel to awake, we travel to discover our inner treasures hidden inside our hearts, our ancestry, our own culture.


We offer you a journey at the core of humanity, to restore the principle of reciprocity and respect among peoples. Through our travel collections, we invite you to open your heart and be welcome as true guest. Write a new story and lose your balance. Become the seeker, the learning alchemist on quest, reaching back home with a nourished heart.

Our Ethics

Native Immersion enhances and offers indigenous travel experiences with the deepest respect and consideration for the locals, in an authentic connection and above all at their own request. We share our values of “Wisdom in Travel” and do not open tours or expeditions among uncontacted tribes or communities that have not requested any tourism development. We absolutely do not encourage “spiritual” experiences that could harm and threaten the use of sacred medicines by their traditional keepers.


Indigenous Tourism is a very sensitive field. Indigenous people’s needs are our priorities, therefore we give ourselves the right to decide if one destination should need a break from travelers during a season or more.


To support indigenous people’s empowerment, self determination and human rights, we give a percentage of our tours to other orgs or develop our own inner programs, thanks to your bookings. This enables us to assist new ecotourism initiatives among native communities, that will later enrich our travel collection.

Our Vision

Indigenous, Native, Original or First People are 370 million human beings in the world, belonging to 5,000 ethnic groups in 90 countries, with 4,000 unique languages (source: Cultural Survival. About 70 % live in Asia. Indigenous territories are estimated to host 80% of biodiversity on Earth and that indigenous people are the keepers of 11% of our forests.


With the support of the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance, we firmly believe that the new generation tourism is a powerful support to native people’s empowerment, closely interconnected to the protection of Mother Earth and conservation of our global cultural heritage.


Connect ourselves to Wisdoms of the World and Guardians of the Earth invite us to reconsider our relationship with the Living, become conscious of our impact, celebrate our Nature and seize the opportunity to be change makers for tomorrow.

Entrust your dream to us

Will enable us to :


  • Gather funding to support and offer new indigenous immersive experiences, create a sustainable local economy and contribute to an incredible heritage conservation.


  • Make deep researches to design your unique travel art book within indigenous world before leaving.


  • Reach a high level of human signature in your experience, introduce your hosts before meeting them and encourage authentic and lasting friendships.