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  • organization and animation of events
  • relay of our publications & trips
  • research, networking, new ideas

Our journalistic work is totally independent.
In order to continue to:

  • carry out our research to design magnificent travel guides
  • find who will be the next guardians we will meet together
  • ensure our presence at essential events such as gatherings of Guardians, to collect their essential testimonies
  • publish high quality stories shaped with indigenous communities in need of support for media exposure
  • share our technical knowledge to younger generations during our local missions, to encourage the “narrative change” from indigenous perspectives

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Pros – Business | You are a company / institution and you want to support our work:
• We schedule a photographic exhibition and film screening at your office, along with a conference about Indigenous cultures and the role of the Guardians.
• We create an incentive travel experience tailored for your team.


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