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Native Immersion is an educative & inspirational travel media specializing in Indigenous Immersions and Cultures, counting its own Travel House.
Bringing the voices, realities and wisdoms of Earth’s Guardians to travelers in need of more meaning and commitment, Native Immersion informs, educates and prepares travelers before outstanding and deep cultural experiences within indigenous territories.


Created by Aurélie Debusschère, humanist photographer & consultant in indigenous tourism, Native Immersion’s online magazine exclusively value ecotourism experiences offered by the Earth’s Guardians, keepers of Nature. A way to encourage meaningful actions contributing to the protection of human cultures, biodiversity and natural world balance.


Native Immersion is also a connecting space between indigenous communities and travelers.
As a commited media, Native Immersion weaves the link through travel recommendations to its members, creation of educational tools and editorial travel guides, as well as the organization of cultural events about indigenous travel in Europe, to support peace and a better communication and understanding between cultures.


Through an agreement with the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance, Native Immersion is committed to advocate the rights of indigenous people through smart and conscious travel. Native Immersion supports the design of new indigenous experiences around the world.

Native Immersion has signed a MOU with the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance (WINTA) to support the advocacy of the rights of indigenous peoples through alternative and conscious travel.

Native Immersion’s Travel House is an ultra-specialized house in indigenous immersions, co-creating exceptional cultural experiences with trustful travel agencies.  community tourism, fair or responsible tourism, indigenous tourism is first defined by indigenous people’s rules, principles and visions. It is giving priority, systematic and total compliance of local and international laws on indigenous peoples including United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP, 2007), Larrakia Declaration (2012) and Convention 169.

Native Immersion ensures the essential respect for these principles within each released cultural experience.

Scientists and experts in human rights have proven that 80% of worldwide biodiversity is located on indigenous ancestral lands and that respect of indigenous rights guarantees regeneration of the natural world on Earth. Given this statement, it has become essential to correctly inform travelers and travel professionals, tourism becoming the most important economical sector worldwide. As a source of support for peoples fighting to protect their territories and cultures, tourism is also a formidable predator. Knowing its mechanisms enables to invent virtuous schemes standing against the running ecocide. “Less but better”, conscious travel is a united support to Protectors of the Living, a peace messenger among peoples and a promise for a harmonious collective destiny.

Messages of Protectors

  • Every day that passes is one step closer to ourselves. I walked, walked a long time and for 11 years on this unknown path to discover myself, answer essential questions and try to make sense of my existence. The clues and revelations found on my......

  • There are encounters that change your Life. Maine and I met for the first time at the International Aboriginal Tourism Conference 2015 in Quebec. It was still cold, and the first time of his life he could see snow. In front of many indigenous representatives......

  • Our team is really proud to introduce you our first and brand new logo, symbol of our mission and our commitment, created by the talented artist Eva Lubart, from our French Alps.  It was a real challenge to tell Native Immersion’s story into a single......

  • Native Immersion officially opened its VIMEO channel with this special short film of our adventures at Au Chalet En Bois Rond! This video has not been subtitled in English for now, but you can appreciate images and start practicing your French! We are very pleased......

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