WHEN OUR LOGO CAME TO LIFE | What Native Immersion means

WHEN OUR LOGO CAME TO LIFE | What Native Immersion means

Our team is really proud to introduce you our first and brand new logo, symbol of our mission and our commitment, created by the talented artist Eva Lubart, from our French Alps.  It was a real challenge to tell Native Immersion’s story into a single drawing and she managed it perfectly!

Native Immersion has come to life between two worlds, two territories linked by an ocean.

Its roots are made of friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood, exchanges, teachings from elders and healers, hospitality and shared meals around a fire. Of stories and legends about ancestors watching over all of us from the stars. Moments of silence and listening, but also laughs and knowing looks. Songs with the drum of life, bringing the heart into the dance with Mother Earth. Languages with different musics but finding slowly a common vibration.

This symbol reminds ourselves the stories that touch our hearts.

It tells about my own experience as a yound European girl, enlightened by a spiritual navajo leader {Dineh} from Arizona, an ambassador of his culture between the ancient and the modern worlds.

It inspires and encourages the encounter and transmission, between and beyond genders and peoples, to co-create a mixed new world.

It finally whispers Native Immersion’s key role : be a stable bridge, a conscient hyphen between cultures.

Native Immersion contributes to emphasize efforts deployed by indigenous communities and organizations to bring their human and natural heritage to the world’s opening, and on the other side, educate travelers to create the most harmonious experience between people, for all the living beings on this Earth.

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