OUR FIRST AMBASSADOR | Maine, Native from Papua New Guinea

OUR FIRST AMBASSADOR | Maine, Native from Papua New Guinea

There are encounters that change your Life.

Maine and I met for the first time at the International Aboriginal Tourism Conference 2015 in Quebec. It was still cold, and the first time of his life he could see snow. In front of many indigenous representatives from around the world, still under jet lag from his hours-long trip from his far away land, he gave a heart-full presentation about his deep commitment for his nation, through a 10-year tourism development and long lasting friendship, build through cultural exchanges with Japanese pupils and teachers. At the end of the Conference, he offered me a beautiful string bag hand-made by his wife. I could see in his eyes we have been knowing each other for a long time. One year later, we made it official and add Maine to our growing family.

Maine is our very first official Ambassador and also first man within our team. We are very proud to count him with us and be able to learn more about the Papuans. He is also a proud and talented photographer and we are really happy to share a glimpse of his work with his people.

Native Immersion is indeed creating an Ambassadorship program to enlighten remarkable indigenous entrepreneurs from different nations, who choose to believe and commit themselves into tourism as a way of cultural preservation.

We share their stories with the world in order to raise interest and connect them with future conscious travelers.

We hope you will enjoy Maine’s world as much as we do.

Welcome to our tribe, Maine!

If you wish to contact him : maine@nativeimmersion.com

***************    M A I N E  S A M  W I N N Y   **************


“When I was eight years my father took me and my cousin to this sacred site called Woto. It is pool along the Wiwo River. The sacred site had many tales, we travelled through the forest, up over the great ridge and by noon we arrived at Woto. There was a small hamlet nearby where we camped for the night.  Next morning we visited the sacred pool, I remember it was so dark and so mysterious, having heard so many tales ingrained in my mind about this place, I walked through the forest with a feeling of suspense, as I got to the pool I stepped onto the rocks, and looked down into the pool, it was a very special moment as I tried to put the pieces of puzzles of a particular legend told to me as a child and connecting it to physical environment.

A tale of how women and children who became fish to punish their husbands, a tale of greed, sorrow and regret, that is remembered through song and dance which is practiced to this day.”

“Just on the side of the pool my cousin pulled his spear and speared a fish right there, I was so amazed, and He just made a fire right next to the pool and “wow”, never has any other fish I had in my whole life tasted so good then. We sat on the banks of the river under the towering rain forest an enjoyed our meal. Many years later to this day I only wished for the moment to repeat itself again, unfortunately, forest had been cleared for shifting cultivations, increase in the village populations placed less emphasis on the traditional methods of  conservation of forest and fish stock in the river system and the sacred site.”

Les chutes de Yabuma. Photo : Maine Winny

Une mère et son enfant du village de Bau. Photo : Maine Winny


“This experience had somehow found its place in my mind, and had always driven me in my lifelong interest of protecting the environment folklore and the culture of my people. To this day I still reflect on this experience as inspiration in my work.

The culture and the environment of my tribal people are very strong in my mind, the land and the forest, that is our livelihood, the chemist, the hardware, the supermarket all in one spot. I believe if only when people appreciate and thank the great creator for these blessings their minds begin to settle.”

Une flute sacrée de ma tribu (Bui Emo) Photo : Maine Winny


“Through customized eco tourism, a two way appreciation happens for both the visitor and the host, it has been such  experience that I continue to tell this story through any means necessary. My encounter with Native Immersion in Canada was no coincident as it seems right that across the world there lived other indigenous people very connected to their land and environment, Individuals and agencies like Native Immersion have become the connectors of a universal dream of men co-existing in harmony with its environment.”

Le lagon d’Eware. Photo : Maine Winny


My agency Culture Link PNG seeks to network with, agencies such as NATIVE IMMERSION in telling our stories to the world and bringing people to experience our life culture and learn from it. I am privileged to be part of Native Immersion as PNG Ambassador and hope to connect operators, and agencies in getting the world to immerse in PNG Culture.

Culture Link PNG Limited is an innovative, Culture and Tourism Marketing Agency based in Lae, Papua New Guinea. It has a vast experience, in linking rural communities through, Eco-Tourism Adventures, International Culture Exchange, Events Management incorporating behavior change communication. Culture Link PNG is now spearheading the Lae City Pride Campaign as a vehicle to promoting the City as a Tourism destination for the world.

Maine Sam Winny

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